Upcoming Events

May 7th and 8th– I’ll be at the National Pet Show, Excel, London doing talks on pet needs and how to have HAPPY pets! We have a stand in the Kids’ Zone if you want to come along and get a Pet Detective book and have it signed or just have a chat. Here are the talk times which are the same on both days and what I’ll be covering;

11.45 – 12.05 – Kids’ Zone.
Children can change the world! Grown-ups have messed up pet keeping for hundreds of years and now it’s time for kids to change all that! Children have an amazing natural empathy for animals and this talk is aimed at helping them learn the importance of happiness as well as healthiness for our pets. Happy, healthy pets make happy family companions and a wonderful win-win friendship. Followed by a Book Signing.

12.50 – 1.20 pm – Dog Zone
Why Do Vets Recommend Good Food? Just to make money right? Wrong! Good nutrition has undoubtedly improved and lengthened pets’ lives both in sickness and health. Emma will look at why dogs need different foods at different times, what makes foods even better than bog standard and hopefully show you that vets recommend good nutrition because it’s just the right thing to do!

2.15 – 2.45pm – Cat Zone
How food and water can improve health as well as happiness Cats still have lots of their wild needs and instincts and these naturally solitary hunters so often share their lives, houses, gardens and even food with other cats. Understanding how cats would choose to live is really important. Stress is a big cause of disease and poor health especially in indoor cats and multi-cat households. The right type of food is important but how we offer food and even water can make a massive difference to the happiness and health of our pet cats.

July 23rd and 24th– I’ll be at The Pet Show in Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire signing books from the Pet Detective Series.