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Proud mum congratulates me on graduation.

mma’s Biography
Emma on the drums

As a child I was taunted for my ears and soon found an affinity with animals because they cant take the mickey out of you! I was animal-mad and completely single-minded about being a vet. I worked very hard at school and was crushed when I got rejected from all five vet schools the first year I applied. Undeterred I took a year off and worked in a vets for 3 months. I wrote down all the cases I saw and worked on 2 farms. I reapplied, sent my case-studies to all the schools and got three offers. I settled on Bristol.

My 5 years at university were absolutely brilliant. I strongly recommend it, even if you dont know what you want to do. It was in my final year that BBC Bristol decided to make Vets School. I was filmed a little but did not appear in the series. Just before I started my job in Somerset the BBC phoned and asked if I wanted to be in Vets In Practice. I thought it would be fun and a rare opportunity to be on TV. I think everyone thought it would be a one-off. In all eleven series were made and I appeared in all of them!

The opposite of putting my head in the sand!
The series has made an enormous difference to my life and I have been lucky enough to have a peek at how the other half live. I have met lots of real celebrities and some of them had even seen me on TV, which is very strange. I have stood up against hunting on Question Time and, despite the nasty letters, was overwhelmed by the public support I received. Pro-hunters said because I am well-known I should keep my opinions to myself. I wonder if this would have been their view if I was on their side?

I suppose I am relatively famous now but still find it a strange concept. People I have never met feel like they know me. This has really helped at work because it breaks down the barriers with new clients and we can bond much quicker. People say they trust me and believe I really care about their pets and it means a lot to me.