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mma’s Biography


I still genuinely love animals which is why I have become so frustrated with some aspects of my work. I became a vet to help animals and soon realised that I spend a great deal of my time treating conditions that we have bred into the animals because of the concept of the Ďbreed standardí. Iím very tired of seeing deformed pets with chronic problems because people believe they look best one way or another. I believe that nature knows best and the truth is that the extremes of shape and conformation we have created in our dogs and cats would never occur naturally. Many of these changes are a result of showing and breeding. I feel very strongly that if you have a pet it should be a relationship that is beneficial to both of you. I donít like to see dogs being over-groomed and preened so that people can parade them round a ring to try to win prizes with them. This is of no benefit to the animals in any way and simply perpetuates an industry that is genetic modification gone mad.

Many of you will know that I was once married to Joe, one of the other vets on the series. We sadly split up some years ago now and I am glad to say that he is very happy and once again married, this time to the right woman!

As for me, I met a man called Mark in 2003 on a conference in Topeka, Kansas of all places. We completely hit it off straight away and the time since then has flown by. After three months I handed my notice in and all the animals and I moved to York to live with him.

I worked alongside Mark in his practice for several years and have now had a few years off because of the new big thing in our lives - our two beautiful daughters. Having never been particularly 'clucky' Ive been stunned at how these little humans have totally stolen my heart and it seems odd to imagine there was ever a time they weren't part of our family. The dogs have been amazing with them and being the ripe old age of thirteen when the first baby came along they've once again proved to me what wonderfully adaptable boys they are.

Since moving to York I've also written two books and done some more campaigning - tail docking and pedigree dog health to name a couple of issues. Ive become involved with more animal charities and also started to be involved with different aspects of the profession. Working with students and tutoring animal welfare with the AWF (see the charities section for details) has been a real highlight and has allowed me to share my passion for animal welfare with the next generation of vets.

All in all I'm a very happy, and very lucky, woman.



Emma & Mark