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Brian gets a cuddle from Badger.

Brian, Nigel and Dave asleep in a big heap.

mma’s Pets


Nigel and Brian as wee kittens?

Nigel and Brian came from a house that was a zoo. There were lizards, snakes, cats, guinea pigs, you name it. Unfortunately the woman’s monitor lizard thought the kittens would make a tasty snack and they rapidly needed homes to avoid being lunch.

Nigel (or ‘Fat Nige’ as he is affectionately known) is tabby and white and his life is a simple one. It consists of trying to move as little as possible by sleeping by the food bowls and eating a lot. When he is forced to get up for a wee he can be seen in the garden trying to haul his fat ass over the fence and land the other side without his legs breaking!

A case of split personality?

Brian is an odd, bright orange creature. He is deeply in love with Badger and curls up with him whenever he can. He loves going for a walk with the dogs at night. Before he drinks he puts his front feet in and splashes the water, I have no idea why.

He is also a kleptomaniac and steals toys and slippers from peoples’ houses. He always brings a pair and never leaves one behind.