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Thank you very much for helping me. I'm so happy my cat Tilly had the operation and is doing well. Best thing me and my daughter got for Christmas, once again thank you.


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ew Year Wishes

Let's make some positive changes in 2014

Well, it has been a very busy and, at times, pretty stressful few months. A good friend of mine always says that you should try and view stress more as ‘stimulation’ but we all know that that can be easier said than done! Finally, for me, work has settled down a little bit and I feel like I can breathe a small sigh of relief and start to look forward to Christmas, which I have always loved.


2013 had quite a few highlights for me. I managed to raise nearly £6000 for the Animal Welfare Foundation by doing my sponsored swim and, as always, loved being involved with the charity for another year. I had the opportunity to speak about equine welfare at this year’s London Vet Show in the BVA contentious issues stream. Probably the most ‘stimulating’ thing I did this year but a good debate!


So what about 2014? All things animal welfare seem to take forever to improve and sometimes the increments can seem impossibly slow but we have to keep trying don’t we? So here are a few of my New Year wishes for 2014. What will yours be??

  • Seaworld and all establishments using captive marine mammals for entertainment will be closed. For good. The animals will be rehabilitated and released where possible and kept in large sea enclosures where not possible.
  • The FEI will re-introduce the checking of a 2-finger width gap under all the nosebands of competition horses. The ISES taper gauge is an easy, non-subjective way to do this and the welfare of thousands of horses will improve overnight.
  • The BHA will follow the 30 year example set by Norway and ban the use of the whip except for genuine safety reasons in British horseracing. The welfare of thousands of horses will improve overnight.
  • The secondary legislation regarding tail-docking will be reviewed and re-written to cement a total ban on all non-therapeutic docking, just as Scotland did. The unnecessary mutilation of thousands of dogs will be prevented overnight.
  • The ridiculous talk of a repeal of the hunting act will stop. It is pure folly to even entertain it.
  • Pet shops will stop selling sociable animals like rabbits and guinea pigs on their own and minimum hutch sizes which are actually appropriate will be introduced.
  • The human psychological need to have wild animals as pets will disappear and the growing tide of poorly cared for exotic animals will finally stop.
  • Oh, and of course, world peace.

Well, I can hope can’t I? I sincerely hope you all have a wonderful, healthy and happy Christmas and New Year for all the animals and people in your lives. And now, back to the rest of that list...

Emma Milne the TV Vet

Road to Vet School

Episode 13 now published

Road to Vet School

I have been up to my armpits in rotations for the last 6 months and I have loved every minute of it - well almost!

Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Cows! >>

How to be a Vet

o you want to be a VET?

NEW FEB 2012

Because of the huge demand for information we have updated our page for aspiring vets.

I Want to be a Vet...

Pet Talk

et talk

Our most popular feature where Emma talks frankly on a multitude of subjects from Saving the Whales, to Pets and Fireworks. This month's feature:

The story of Geo- a true animal hero.

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Pet owner's question archive about pet ailments and behavioural problems.

Emma's Question Archive

Tail-docking petition.

We had a great response to our petition and you can still sign if you want to add your support.
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Or visit the Vets Against Docking web site:
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Should whaling be stopped worldwide even for 'scientific' reasons?
Banned Necessary

Kevin's Mitzey


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Tales from the Tail End

James Herriot meets Bridget Jones in this no-holds-barred account of a vet's life - the first to tell the story from a woman's perspective.

The Truth about Cats and Dogs

Emma's Exposé will make you laugh, cry and, just maybe, get angry enough to take a stand to help man's best friends to be heard.

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Animal Search

Animal Search UK are an organisation run by former police officer Tom Watkins. They specialise in advertising lost and found pets throughout the UK. For more details and to recieve a free advice pack by email then please visit their website

Young people Speak Out For Animals. Visit their new web site.