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The story of Geo- a true animal hero.

Every year the fantastic organisation IFAW host their Animal Action Awards. The awards recognise humans who have gone above and beyond for animals and also animal heroes as well. This year there was one story that really caught my eye. Here is the story of Geo, an incredible dog, very worthy of his animal bravery award. Get your tissues ready! 

When German Shepherd-collie cross Geo was just seven months old, he suffered horrific injuries when he put himself in the path of a runaway lorry which was heading straight for 10-year-old Charlie Riley. 

Charlie’s mother Carly, of Clacton-on-Sea, was walking Geo, Charlie and her other two children home from school in November last year when the out-of-control lorry careered onto the pavement, heading straight for Charlie. 

Carly said: “Geo must have sensed it as he leapt up and pushed Charlie out of its path then took the full brunt of the collision himself. He was knocked into the road then hit by the lorry again as the driver left without stopping. We could have all been hit but I am absolutely sure Charlie wouldn’t be here if Geo hadn’t acted the way he did.” 

Geo suffered a broken back, shattered legs and damaged lungs in the crash and vets believe his young age and health were vital in helping him pull through. After two weeks in an animal hospital and three major operations, Geo began to recover and, almost one year on, is a happy and healthy dog, apart from suffering slight breathlessness and a limp when cold. 

Despite vet bills totalling £8,000, the family never considered having Geo put to sleep. 

Carly added: “The costs were huge but there was never any question of us not going ahead with the treatment. Geo is a big part of the family, he’s a real hero who has always been protective of the children but what he did for Charlie is truly amazing and we’re really proud of him.”

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