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Tales From the Tail End

The Truth About Cats and Dogs

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The Tales from the Tail End
by Emma Milne

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The Truth About Cats and Dogs (Hardcover)
by Emma Milne

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Both Books: The Tales from the Tail End + The Truth About Cats and Dogs (Hardcover)
by Emma Milne

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ales from the Tail End

'On a crisp October morning in 1996, Emma Milne started her first job as a newly qualified vet, a career captured on camera for eleven series of television's Vets in Practice. Now she tells the full story. We discover the numerous things that can get stuck in an animal's stomach, how to stop a cow exploding, and - the biggest truth of all - that animals are easy to deal with in comparison to their owners. They say that truth is stranger than fiction, and these Tales from the Tail End turn out to be stranger - and funnier - than you could ever have imagined

'James Herriot meets Bridget Jones in this no-holds-barred account of a vet's life - the first to tell the story from a woman's perspective.'

Writing my second book was great fun and was a welcome bit of light-hearted relief after years of campaigning for various things to do with animal welfare and the serious nature of my first book. The fact is that being a vet can be stressful but it is also full of an amazing array of rich and diverse characters, their animals and their combined oddities. Just as it was true for James Herriot it is still the case that the job brings with it some very funny moments which stay with you.

Writing Tales from the Tail End gave me a refreshing chance to relive many of the highlights from my time in practice from my stumbling first steps in the big wide world of vetting to my five minutes of fame in the television spotlight. To be honest some of the TV moments have been way more traumatic than the veterinary ones! If youd like to find out more then please feel free to read all the gory details for yourself and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

(Publication date March 5th 2012)

he Truth About Cats and Dogs

Exclusive to Emmathevet.co.uk, you can buy a copy of Emma's new book signed with a personalised message of up to 100 words handwritten by Emma.

'Emma's Exposé will make you laugh, cry and, just maybe, get angry enough to take a stand to help man's best friends to be heard. A must read for aspiring vets or for anyone who cares about animals.'

How it all started

About seven years ago I started to write a book. It has had many prolonged pauses for various reasons but last year I finally finished it and found a publisher. Who is it for? The answer to this is simple; it is for anyone who thinks they might want to be a vet, anyone who owns, has owned or might one day own a pet, anyone who used to watch me on Vets In Practice and also for anyone who wants to show or breed from their cat or dog.

As you can probably guess there is a section on the actual realities of being a vet. I know programmes like ours are bound to glamorise the job because no programmes show the mundane aspects of any job. I love being a vet but I want any of you contemplating it as a profession to enter into it knowing the facts, the stresses and the strains, as well as all the good bits. I’ve also added a chapter here for those of you who may be a bit unhappy about the vet you have.

The bulk of the book is a very honest look at the often hidden health problems with pedigree dogs and cats. My main motivation for writing the book has been my clients over the years. I’ve seen countless problems that would shock most people in animals that my clients bought thinking they would be healthy simply because they are pedigrees.

This is sadly so often not the case. In the years since I qualified I’m sure it is getting worse and is now a genuine cause for concern and a real point of animal welfare. You never know, if you’re thinking of buying a dog or cat the book might save you a fortune at the vets and together we might just start to make a difference to the health of some our most loved animals.

If you’d like to order a copy of the book follow one of the links below.

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Why this book is for you and the table of contents


Book Endorsements for The Truth About Cats and Dogs

Readers Reviews

Ms. Milne has cut straight to the heart of dog breeding and exposed the real on-goings in this industry.
A fascinating read for the general public and veterinary profession alike.
If we had more vets with Ms. Milne's attitude and forthright opinion perhaps our dog breeds would not be in the mutated forms that we see in the parks today.

Highly recommended....,
An excellent book written by a knowledgeable vet who is not scared to speak out about subjects often hidden away...for obvious reasons.
Well done Emma, I am sure that many people will be shocked learn about some of the cruel practices that occur within certain industries.

If you care about animals READ THIS BOOK
It is a cracking read! Emma will make you belly laugh, cry and rage with this very honest and personal account of her experience as a vet. She speaks for a large number of vets who see in-bred problems on a daily basis and for this she should be applauded. It takes guts to challenge the hand that feeds you and this woman has guts by the barrel load. So ignore the bad reviews - buy this book - if you have any degree of intelligence it will change the way you see our family pets for the better. I also hear through the grapevine that she is a fantastic vet - people who breed animals as sculptures may disagree - but then how many German Shepards do you know with bad hips????? enough said?

What a great book,
What a great book it does make you think about things tha you dont really think about well worth a read great book

Well Done!
Having just read The TRUTH about Cats and Dogs by TV vet Emma Milne I can only say BRILLIANT! What an eye opener for all pet and show owners. I found it compulsive reading from start to finish and admit it brought tears to my eyes at one point. I admire her for being outspoken and endorse everything she has written.


Book endorsements for Tails from the Tail End

"Right from the Foreword any animal lover will be drawn into this enchanting and amusing account of veterinary life. Emma Milne tells of her early career as a vet in practice, in a brilliantly honest and warm way, vividly recounting the ups and downs of the novice vet. A highly entertaining read coupled with the obvious passion that Emma has for her subject matter. James Herriot, in his country practice, would have much in common with this version of life as an animals' doctor.

Clarissa Baldwin OBE

"This book is delightful, amusing and honest, like Emma. I am proud that I can point her out and say, genuinely, 'I know her!!'"

Christopher Timothy

"Funny and pertinent to all of us who have pets, and probably disturbing for those that don't!"

Rick Wakeman

"A sensitive but sometimes harrowing account of the challenges facing a greenhorn vet directly out of vet school. I found this book a joy to read. I could relate to numerous occasions the fears and exhilaration that Emma felt in those early days and how her confidence gained momentum. The learning curve will continue through her life, but with Emma at the helm, it could only be good for our animal friends."

Terry Nutkins

"I have every respect for someone who can put their hand up a half-ton cow, and then pull it out to write so engagingly about the experience."

Andrew Dilger

"As warm and entertaining as Herriot, Emma's sense of humour shines through the trials and triumphs of the life of a vet."

Steve Leonard

"A bluntly honest and eye opening book that takes one on a most fascinating journey behind the traditional "shop front" of the veterinary world...an absolute must read for all animal lovers."

Allen Parton

"Emma tells her personal story with style and humour; an entertaining mix of escapades with animals and people against a background of her accidental celebrity-status via her television work with BBC's Vets in Practice. Emma is a classic twenty first century vet; young, female and opinionated, with reality television celebrity status. Her tales - of animals, farmers, pet owners and television cameras - are both engaging and entertaining."

Pete Wedderburn