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Over the years I have really loved writing and have been lucky enough to write for lots of different magazines at various times. My first book was published in 2007 and I’m still writing books now. Here you can find out about the books I’ve written and find links to order them.

Where you see the “Buy it Now” buttons you can order the books from me and have them dedicated to someone and signed. Please note that the postage is £5 to the UK because I live in France. The Pet Detective books are £9.95 each and Tales from the Tail End is £7.99.

The Pet Detective Series

This series of books is aimed at 7-12 year-olds and their parents who are being mercilessly pestered for a particular pet. The books look at the wild origins of the animals, the joy of pet keeping but also the serious fact that you need to make sure you can look after them properly BEFORE you buy them! The books have chapters on each of the five welfare needs and then the children do a virtual month of fact finding and caring for their new pet before the big family debate. The importance of pet happiness as well as healthiness is the main theme and I love to use analogies that help children understand how animals might feel if they are lonely or bored or frustrated and so on. The books are beautifully laid out like a detective’s case book with lots of photos, cartoons and things to fill in during their fact-finding. The range is endorsed by various animal welfare organisations. 10% of royalties will go to each of the supporting charities. You can also purchase the books on some charity websites like RWAF, International Cat Care and PDSA. This means they get the profits too.

The fact is that grown-ups have messed up pet keeping for hundreds of years and if all children did their research they could CHANGE THE WORLD!



Pet Detectives Dogs at 5M publishing and on Amazon

Pet Detectives Cats at 5M publishing and on Amazon



Are Rabbits the Right Pet for YouPet Detectives Rabbits at 5M publishing and on Amazon



ThePetDetective-GuineaPigs-CoverPet Detectives Guinea Pigs at 5M publishing and on Amazon

Pet Small Furries will be out next year.

Tales from the Tail End

This book was great fun to write and hopefully, judging by the reviews I’ve had, also great fun to read. It’s the story of my first decade or so in practice. Lots of funny moments and some tear-jerkers too. If you like animal programmes and books hopefully you’ll have fun laughing at me as well as with me!

Tales From The Tail End_ADV_COVER.inddTales from the Tail End on Amazon paperback and kindle






The Truth about Cats and Dogs

My first book and a real passion of mine; pedigree dog and cat health. I was shocked when I started as a vet at just how much suffering has been caused by body shapes and breed standards. This book has some chapters at the beginning about how I got to vet school and what the realities of being a vet are but the bulk of the book is about pedigree health issues, what body shapes mean to the animals and what you can do to help end up with a healthier dog or cat.

41iAe7hun4L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_The Truth about Cats and Dogs on Amazon






From Rural Tranquility to National Crisis by David Harwood

It’s a bit cheeky of me to put this on my book page because I didn’t write it but I did write the foreword so it kind of counts! I met David when we both started as trustees at the Animal Welfare Foundation and I fell in love with him straight away. His autobiography is wonderful. He’s had a very different life and career to me and was at the coal face of crises like BSE and the heartbreaking foot and mouth outbreaks. You should definitely give it a go.

9781910455012_coverFrom Rural Tranquility to National Crisis on Amazon and at 5M publishing.