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Pet Detectives and a Fresh Start

Hello! Apologies to those of you who have watched the site over the last couple of decades and wondered where it had gone. We encountered a few issues recently (to say the latest) and the site disappeared. I am trying to get it back together again but am working, have two small kids and am writing 5 children’s pet care books so bear with me!

So, exciting news first; The Pet Detective series. This has been in my head for a while and luckily for me the lovely people at 5M Publishing commissioned the series of books and they will start appearing soon. They are for children aged around 7-12 years who are thinking about getting a pet or just want to learn about animals. They are aimed at helping children and their families find out all the facts about animals before they get them and will help guide the families through the decision making process. It’s all about the importance of HAPPY pets as well as HEALTHY ones. Time for children to change the world when it comes to animal welfare!

I’m sure if you have kids they will have badgered you endlessly to get a pet. Well, here is your chance to put the ball back in their court and set them to work. After all the interesting animal facts the children go on a fact-finding mission and have some sums and some acting to do! All will become clear. It will be fun and educational for all concerned.

The rabbit book will be published on July 15th and for those of you near the north I’ll be at the BBC Radio York stand at the Great Yorkshire Show on the day. We’ll be talking about the books and signing some if you’re interested or just want to have a browse through.

The guinea pigs book is next and almost finished and then I’m onto the cats. Really looking forward to the cat one because they are fascinating creatures and VERY widely misunderstood! Should be interesting.

Anyway, watch this space for more news and upcoming events and thanks for sticking with us.


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